TrueVault is a healthcare API that allows healthcare applications and covered entities to share, store, and manage protected health information with one another in accordance with HIPAA Security Rule regulations.

An API for Healthcare Providers

healthcare api

TrueVault's secure and HIPAA compliant healthcare API software allows hospitals, health management organizations (HMOs), clinics, doctors, and other covered entities to provide access to approved third party applications in an exceptionally safe and HIPAA compliant way.

This API allows providers and payers alike to deliver innovative new solutions to patients and doctors to help manage patient care, health regimen compliance and more. By using TrueVault's healthcare API, covered entities can allow application developers to create new products for smartphones, tablets and wearable technologies for consumers.

Providers with limited technical resources to create their own healthcare API can use TrueVault to spur innovation and improved patient care options across mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and more.

An API for Healthcare Application Developers

mHealth, eHealth or wearable application developers can also use the TrueVault healthcare API to ensure that their handling of protected health information (PHI) meets the HIPAA Security Rule requirements. TrueVault helps application developers meet or exceed the technical and physical safeguard requirements so that they can focus on building incredible experiences for consumers instead of worrying about red tape.

The TrueVault API is free to use and develop on. Developers are only charged once they activate their account, establishing a Business Associate Agreement with TrueVault, which makes the application meet HIPAA Security Rule requirements. Learn more about TrueVault.

Why Use a Healthcare API?

why use a healthcare api?

For application and hardware development the answer is an easy one. Using TrueVault eliminates the thousands of hours in development time required to build a HIPAA compliant application environment on your own. Rather than spend time learning, building, documenting, and auditing your environment for HIPAA compliance, simply create a TrueVault account and get on with improving healthcare with innovative products.

Whether you want to store patient health records, massive MRI files, or communications between patient and doctor, TrueVault makes is easy to meet HIPAA compliance standards with just a few lines of code, along with providing HIPAA hosting.

For healthcare providers, using TrueVault creates a healthcare API that acts as the interface between your internal data and the external applications that need that data in order to serve consumers. For example, if a hospital wants to provide online viewing of imaging documents such as X-Rays and MRI's, they can use TrueVault to allow approved third parties secure and compliant access to that information without having to build out an API or custom web hooks on a case by case basis.

This save time and accelerates innovation and the level of patient care the provider can deliver through mobile and tablet interfaces that are more convenient for patients while helping providers hit their innovation goals ahead of schedule and under budget.

Try the TrueVault API for healthcare apps today. You can be up and running in minutes, with no credit card and no trial expiration.

Skip the red tape of building HIPAA compliance yourself and head straight to developing amazing new solutions for the healthcare industry with TrueVault.