About Us

What We Do

Governments around the world are getting serious about protecting people’s privacy. Since California passed the CCPA—America’s first comprehensive data-privacy law—we have been working to bring compliance within the reach of small and medium-sized businesses. As new laws go on the books and existing laws expand their reach, our services have evolved to keep meeting that need. The product of this evolution is TrueVault, a comprehensive suite of privacy tools that simplifies multi-jurisdictional compliance.


Passionate About Privacy

We believe that privacy is a human right. New privacy laws acknowledge this and for the first time are giving people real control over their personal information. On the other side of the equation are businesses. We believe that the vast majority of businesses want to do right by consumers and respect their privacy, but simply don’t have the resources to comply with privacy laws through conventional means (i.e., hiring a law firm).


Our mission is more than to just make it possible for smaller businesses to comply with privacy laws—we want to make it easy. By providing a path to compliance that businesses can manage on their own, that won’t blow out their budget, and that can be set up in hours instead of weeks, we can make operating with respect for people’s privacy the normal way to do business, not the exception.

Our Team

TrueVault is based in San Francisco, with a team that lives and works all over the globe. Coming from diverse backgrounds, everyone brings a different perspective, making us stronger and more adaptable as a group. One thing we all have in common is an excitement for the work we do, bridging the divide between privacy rights and the capabilities of independent businesses.


Think you belong on the TrueVault team? Send your resume and an email telling us about yourself to careers@truevault.com