Build HIPAA-compliant apps your way.

Use any platform, any framework, and any language.

Store personally identifiable data in TrueVault to instantly make your product more secure and HIPAA-compliant.

  • Host your application on any cloud platform or on-premise
  • Use your favorite framework and your go-to language
  • HIPAA audited, white hat tested, and financially insured
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Usage & Design Patterns

Secure Messaging

Usefulness of applications in health and fitness increase exponentially when people communicate. Whether it is doctors providing diagnostics to patients or trainers offering that oft needed boost of encouragement to trainees, enabling communication in your app is vital.

In this tutorial, Marshall Pierce, a Principal Engineer at TrueVault, will walk you through how to implement secure messaging for your application using TrueVault. Marshall will explain how to setup vaults, groups and permission correctly so only authorized users have access to each message. Marshall will also cover, step by step, the sequence of API calls that should take place when a message is sent.

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  • Dr. Reid Rubsamen

    "I know the information is going to be secured from a state and federal standpoint. [...] Without TrueVault, it becomes a DIY process that we are just not going to do."

  • Ardeshir Rahman, UCLA

    "If we didn't have TrueVault, we would spend months building our own solution which probably wouldn't be as secure and as easy to use."

  • Naveen Jain, The Immunity Project

    "TrueVault makes HIPAA compliance extremely easy and it's incredibly secure which is mission critical for the work we are doing."