Store Personal Data in TrueVault

TrueVault is the simplest solution for data tokenization and pseudonymization.

Same Vault. Different Use Cases.

For Security and Compliance


Data stored in TrueVault meets all HIPAA requirements and is covered under our BAA and Cyber Liability/Breach Insurance. By tokenizing all identifiable data in TrueVault, you’re left with only de-identified data. De-identified data is not Protected Health Information and is not regulated by HIPAA, so you can use any infrastructure you want to process your de-identified data — even if that infrastructure isn’t compliant — while staying compliant overall.

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Use TrueVault to pseudonymize your data so your applications and data warehouses meet GDPR data protection requirements. Pseudonymization also reduces your organization’s audit scope and notification requirements.


More Than Just Tokenization


Access Control



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