Completing the IRB application

TrueVault has put together the following information to help you secure IRB approval when using TrueVault in your application.

Your IRB will have questions about how you're planning to use TrueVault in your application and how TrueVault adheres to HIPAA regulations. No need to go it alone. We've created a detailed Q&A document that you can use to complete your application.

Additional IRB Resources

  • TrueVault Overview
    A PowerPoint presentation overview of the TrueVault service designed for executives and medical officials, including as IRB board members.
  • Service Diagram
    A visual representation of our system architecture for internal IT review.
  • Security Audit
    A copy of our latest security audit.
  • HIPAA Audit
    A copy of our latest HIPAA compliance audit.
  • Audit Log Sample
    A sample of our audit log output for IRB review.

Additional Help?

Because these documents contain sensitive information about our product and architecture we're happy to provide them to you privately at your request. Email us at and we'll get them to you right away.

Have questions about IRB approval or need a specific piece of information not listed above? Please email us at and we'll be happy to help any way we can.