TrueVault Atlas

TrueVault Atlas automates the daily grind of GDPR compliance.

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Security by design

Data Inventory

TrueVault Atlas maps personal data across all your organization's systems in a comprehensive dashboard that updates automatically.

Security by design

Automatic Request Handling

TrueVault Atlas automates data subject access and erasure request procedures so processing is consistent, thorough, and compliant.

Security by design

Automated Notifications

Stay updated on all data processing activities with automated compliance checks and anomaly detection.

Just a few of the systems we integrate with

Find Personal Data

Account for all personal data. TrueVault Atlas finds personal data stored in internal databases and external SaaS products like Salesforce and G Suite.

In free-form text

TrueVault Atlas recognizes personal data in Slack conversations, Zendesk notes, and files in Google Drive.

Unified data subject profile

Personal data across internal and external systems are combined into one comprehensive profile.

Data Subject Request Automation

Be more efficient with your team's time and limit resource consumption for compliance needs.  TrueVault Atlas handles Data Subject Erasure Requests and Data Subject Access Requests automatically so your team doesn't have to.

True automation

TrueVault Atlas integrates directly with your systems so it always knows where personal data is and can directly erase or export personal data on request.

Be consistent. Be confident.

Count on TrueVault Atlas to process every data subject request consistently and compliantly.

24/7 Compliance Monitoring

Be in the know. TrueVault Atlas guarantees you will always know if your organization's Data Protection Policy is actually being followed.

Know when practice deviates from policy

TrueVault Atlas will alert you when an explicit policy deviation occurs so you don't need to worry the next time a salesperson "accidentally" saves payment information in Salesforce.

Know when things don't look right

TrueVault Atlas's statistical analysis engine will notify you when it detects anomalies -- like when a previously erased data subject reappears due to an erroneous database restore.

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