When Do the New State Privacy Laws Go into Effect?

By Phillip Walters/ Published on October 18, 2022

As data privacy has become an important issue for voters across the political spectrum, state legislatures have taken notice and are passing new privacy laws at a quick pace. Five new laws will take effect in 2023 alone, and several other states have legislation in the works. Others are waiting to see whether Congress will act on its proposed federal privacy law before passing their own bills.

As the patchwork of state privacy legislation grows more complicated, it helps to know when these new laws actually go into effect. Here’s a quick rundown by state.


The California Privacy Rights Act (CCPA 2.0)
Takes effect on January 1, 2023


The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act
Takes effect on January 1, 2023


The Colorado Privacy Act
Takes effect on July 1, 2023


The Connecticut Data Privacy Act
Takes effect on July 1, 2023


The Utah Consumer Privacy Act
Takes effect on December 31, 2023


See our state privacy law comparison chart

Multi-State Privacy Compliance

While all of these new state privacy laws share some similar features, none of them are identical. This makes multi-state privacy compliance a complicated matter even for large corporations—for small and medium-sized businesses it can seem nearly impossible.

TrueVault is the first CCPA compliance solution created specifically for helping small and medium-sized businesses in the journey toward getting compliant, and keeping them compliant. The latest update, TrueVault US, has expanded its coverage to proactively include each new state privacy law as it goes into effect.

Designed by attorneys, TrueVault is a cloud-based software that takes businesses through each step of privacy compliance, from onboarding vendors to handling privacy requests, at a fraction of the cost of hiring outside consultants.

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