Introducing TrueVault Connect

By Jason Wang/ Published on May 28, 2015

Today we’re excited to announce the general availability release of TrueVault Connect, an identity management solution empowering businesses to share sensitive data with third party applications securely.

TrueVault Connect allows authorized applications to access enterprise data in standards-compliant fashion. With TrueVault Connect, end users can grant third party applications the access to their own data, while enterprises maintain control of how data is being accessed. With sophisticated access control and identity management features, enterprises can design and implement detailed data strategies that allow them to acquire, exchange, and retire data via third party applications—all while maintaining ownership of the data.

Enterprises can customize the solution to provide a consistent look and feel for customers. Single-sign-on provides a simplified way for end users to login to third party applications with their existing account credentials, improving their access to services and overall experience.

TrueVault Connect has been available to select customers since Jan. 2015.

Customer Use Case Spotlight

A 200,000 member healthcare organization uses TrueVault Connect as a key component in delivering remote access to board certified physicians for their subscribers. The customer has been utilizing TrueVault as its unified data store to simplify its data storage architecture. The new challenge is to publish a platform that its mobile development partners can utilize to access newly consolidated data in a secure fashion.

Instead of building its own telemedicine platform, the customer partnered with CirrusMD. Using TrueVault Connect, subscribers are able to access the telemedicine platform using the same login credential they already use to log into their subscriber portal. CirrusMD is able to securely retrieve sensitive patient data from TrueVault using TrueVault Connect’s OAuth 2.0 protocol. By making it easy for subscribers to access remote care through a third party solution, this customer accelerated their mobile connectivity roadmap and saved significant development costs in the process.

To brainstorm how TrueVault Connect can extend the capabilities of your application, please Contact Us.

TrueVault Connect

  • Adds standards based authentication capability to your application with minimal engineering time required for customization.
  • Allows enterprise to simplify data exchanges via third party applications, allowing multiple data sources to share one secure data warehouse.
  • Enables full control over the user sign-in experience with a white-labeled product.
  • Shortens time to market for third party applications, while enhancing end user experience.
  • Is an enterprise-grade, secure alternative to single sign-on tools designed for consumer use.

We believe the emergence of IoT and continued growth of mobile applications will bring exciting opportunities for our customers. Together with other existing TrueVault features, TrueVault Connect will help you design, develop and deploy a future proofing solution faster than ever before. We look forward to working with you.

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