🎈🎉 Announcing: TrueVault Atlas 🎉🎈

By Justin Gold/ Published on March 1, 2019


Today we are thrilled to announce the launch our new product, TrueVault Atlas. TrueVault Atlas is designed to help companies automate the daily grind of GDPR.   Data Inventory-2

You're probably thinking: "what does that actually mean?". Great question.

TrueVault Atlas automatically recognizes personal data in your third party and internal systems, from Google Drive to Salesforce to Postgres and everything in between. What makes TrueVault Atlas unique is that it can find personal data in both natural language and structured formats. In practical terms, this means TrueVault Atlas can:

  • Find stray payment information in Salesforce
  • Locate personal data, like names and phone numbers, in any Google Drive document
  • Send your team alerts when it finds personal data in places it shouldn't be

We built this because we learned growth-stage businesses have been diverting resources away from their primary charter, growth, to fulfilling time-consuming compliance tasks like completing data subject access and erasure requests.

That ends today.

Read what our friends at Dark Reading say about TrueVault Atlas here or learn about GDPR by visiting our resources center. Contact us to see a demo of TrueVault Atlas. 

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- The TrueVault Team

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