Exchange Data with Other Organizations

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Use our tokenization engine to facilitate data exchange without PII

TrueVault’s Tokenization Engine allows an organization to drop off, or continuously send, data to a TrueVault endpoint. Once we receive the data our engine will eliminate unnecessary PII that puts your organization at risk and de-identify the remaining PII. Once the data has been cleaned, any authorized user, or organization, can download and start digging into the cleaned data set.

Exchange data compliantly

By sharing only clean datasets, it is easy to remain complaint with data privacy regulations.

Simplify data sharing

Eliminate the hassle (and risk) that comes with combing through large data sets to remove and obfuscate PII before it hits your servers

Manage who accesses your data

TrueVault's Tokenization Engine gives you the ability to set permissions surrounding data access and provides audit logs track data access

Eliminate the liability

We assume 100% liability for any data privacy violations that occur with data that has been de-identified and stored in TrueVault.