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  • 25,000 ops
    ( $55 / 1,000 additional ops )
  • 0.5 GB
    ( $2 / each addtional GB )
  • 1
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  • 1,000,000 ops
    ( $4 / 1,000 additional ops )
  • 50 GB
    ( $1 / each addtional GB )
  • 3
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  • 10,000,000 ops
    ( $1.20 / 1,000 additional ops )
  • 500 GB
    ( $1 / each addtional GB )
  • 10
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  • Unlimited

  • 5,000 GB
    ( $1 / each addtional GB )
  • Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Operation?

An operation is counted when an object (Document, BLOB, User, Vault, Group, etc.) is operated on.

Does TrueVault own my data?

No. You own the data that you store in TrueVault. If you need to move your data elsewhere, please contact us and we will securely transfer your PHI to a new provider.

What happens to my data if I cancel?

In the event of cancellation, TrueVault will help you migrate your data to ensure any PHI is properly moved or disposed of.

What kind of support can I request from my Account Manager?

Your Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your trusted advisor and single point of contact helping you get the most from TrueVault’s services. Since your TAM is also an engineer, you can request architecture reviews, code reviews and other best-practice guidelines from your TAM. You can reach your TAM via phone, email or web chat.

What if I exceed my paid plan limits?

Each plan has an over-quota price that is applied to extra operations and BLOB storage. We'll count the total number of operations performed in the month as well as the maximum number of BLOBs you've stored.

What are Implementation Workshops?

We are fully dedicated to help developers deliver a secure and HIPAA-compliant solution. 1-1 Workshops are a video call with one of our Architects to look at your implementation or go over best-practices.

Does TrueVault provide performance and update guarantee?

For our Enterprise Customers, TrueVault can provide performance and uptime SLAs. Your TrueVault onboarding team will architect an environment that will suit your enterprise’s specific performance and uptime requirements.

We require all vendors to go through our procurement process. Can TrueVault accommodate our process and meet our MSA and BAA needs?

Absolutely. TrueVault’s account team will work with your procurement team on executing a MSA and a BAA that meets your organization’s needs and requirements.

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