TrueVault Safe free for COVID-19 projects

By Jason Wang/ Published on March 20, 2020

TrueVault is offering its HIPAA-compliant service free of charge to nonprofit COVID-19 projects.

Being under a quarantine doesn’t mean we’re alone. In fact, in the face of a crisis, the outpouring of support and aid within and between communities is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

TrueVault has a history of supporting critical, life-saving research. And we’d like to continue that tradition to combat COVID-19. We know there are a number of ongoing public health efforts to keep everyone healthy and safe, and we want to provide our services to you for free, for the life of the project.

To get teams off the ground quickly, our friends at Apsis Labs, a Seattle-based development agency that specializes in healthcare applications, is joining our efforts and will be volunteering their team’s time to help onboard new projects and provide technical guidance and priority technical support.

How TrueVault will help

Establishing and maintaining HIPAA compliance for healthcare applications is important, especially in times of crisis. Right now, we need to find ways to streamline the technical burdens of this important work so you can focus resources on implementing research and getting solutions into the field.

Starting today, we will provide TrueVault Safe, a HIPAA-compliant database purposely built for healthcare applications, free of charge to any nonprofit or any "no-charge" COVID-19 projects.

This includes:

  1. Free use of TrueVault Safe, a HIPAA-compliant database specifically built for healthcare applications for the life of your project

  2. Free technical guidance and priority support so your team can get your application up and running in hours, provided by our friends at Apsis Labs

  3. Free HIPAA and security review to ensure your application’s compliance

More about TrueVault Safe

TrueVault Safe is a purpose-built database for storing healthcare data. Any data stored in TrueVault Safe will meet all HIPAA Technical Safeguards and Physical Safeguards. TrueVault will execute a Business Associate Agreement with any approved COVID-19 project.

Most “HIPAA-ready” hosting gives you physical safeguards such as facility access control, workstation use, and device and media controls. TrueVault adds the technical safeguards of access control, audit controls, integrity, authentication, and transmission security.

TrueVault includes everything you need, so you can focus on your research.

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