Introducing the TrueVault Badge

By Morgan Brown/ Published on July 21, 2014

Today we're excited to announce the launch of the TrueVault Badge Program for applications that use our HIPAA compliant API and data store to keep user data compliant and secure. The TrueVault Badge Program allows any TrueVault customer who has signed a Business Associate Agreement with us to display the badge on their website to show their customers they care deeply about keeping protected health information safe and secure.

Why a TrueVault Badge?

Our goal with the new badge program is two-fold. First, we want to help our developer partners show the world that they've put a priority on HIPAA compliance and secure management of their users' sensitive health information. With thousands of health and fitness apps in appstores, the badge is designed to help developers stand out from apps that haven't taken the same steps to secure user data in a HIPAA compliant manner.

As Google Fit and Apple Health take off, more developers will race to build mHealth and eHealth applications on these platforms. We want to enable developers using TrueVault to easily show end users and Covered Entities that they manage protected health information in a secure and compliant way.

Second, we want to help consumers quickly and easily identify the health and fitness apps that have taken steps to secure their health information in a compliant manner. With malware and the growing glut of apps that want to track your location and personal health information, consumers should be informed about which apps comply with HIPAA data security requirements and which don't. Health data fetches a premium on the black market, and consumers that use apps powered by TrueVault can rest easy knowing their personal health data is well taken care of.

The TrueVault Badge

The TrueVault badge, below, comes in a vertical and horizontal orientation. The badge reads "HIPAA Compliant Powered By TrueVault" which lets users know that the application meets the Physical and Technical Safeguards as outlined in the HIPAA Security Rule. Developers who maintain an active account and have a signed Business Associate Agreement with TrueVault can embed and display the badge on their website.


The TrueVault badge includes a link to an informational page informing visitors that, by using TrueVault, the application is secure and meets the Physical and Technical Safeguard requirements of HIPAA. Viewers can learn more about how data is secured with TrueVault as well as get tips for keeping their devices and data safe.

Get the TrueVault Badge

To add the badge to your site contact TrueVault at Once we've verified your BAA and account status, we'll send you the embed code you'll need to add to your site.

It is our goal to make the TrueVault badge the standard bearer for applications who protect user health data in a secure and compliant manner. Like the privacy and cart security badges before it, we hope that developers, consumers, and others in the healthcare community look for the TrueVault badge as a symbol of trustworthy companies putting data security and compliance first for their users.

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