Privacy Compliance for SMBs

TrueVault Polaris helps businesses get compliant and stay compliant at a fraction of the cost of hiring a law firm or consultant. We also offer a flat rate that makes budgeting easier and more predictable.


Flat Monthly Rate

With our hosted privacy center, privacy request workflows, and continued updates based on the latest changes to the law, Polaris helps you stay compliant.

Cost: $250/month

One-Time Onboarding Fee (includes initial setup and close customer support): $2,000 


What's Included:

Getting Compliant

  • Comprehensive, step-by-step onboarding tool
  • Full data mapping
  • Vendor Database with info on 1600+ companies & products

Customer Support

  • Training session with a TrueVault representative
  • Assisted transition from Get Compliant to Stay Compliant
  • Ongoing, personalized support

Hosted Privacy Center

  • Publish CCPA-compliant privacy notices to your website & apps
  • Create required notices for employees and job applicants
  • Opt-out tool & privacy request forms
  • Automatic updates that incorporate changes to the law

Simplified Request Processing

  • Manage requests from your Privacy Inbox
  • Automatic request verification
  • Time-saving workflows
  • Maintain a record of past requests
  • Lawyers & Consultants

  • Other Software Tools

  • TrueVault Polaris

Lawyers & Consultants

Other Software Tools

TrueVault Polaris

Guided Data Mapping
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Vendor Onboarding
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Customized Notices
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Request Processing
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Hosted Privacy Center
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Opt-Out Management
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Automatic Updates
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