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TrueVault has a secure API to store health data. We make HIPAA compliance easier for healthcare applications.

Built for Developers Like You

Store and search protected health information (PHI) in any file format with a simple RESTful API. No pre-defined schemas to follow.

HIPAA Compliant

We handle all of the technical requirements mandated by the HIPAA Security Rule. Typical integration takes days and saves months of dev time.

BAA + Insurance

TrueVault will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), and protects customers under a comprehensive Privacy/Data Breach insurance policy.

TrueVault is great for:


TrueVault was built to help startups simplify the complexities of HIPAA. TrueVault will save you hundreds of dev hours. Focus on building your software's core functionality, and let TrueVault protect your data at HIPAA-security levels.

Mobile Apps

Store your app's protected health data in TrueVault. We take care of HIPAA so that you can focus on creating healthcare apps on any platform.

Web Apps

You don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining your own HIPAA compliant application stack. TrueVault will handle the Physical and Technical Safeguards required by HIPAA.

Wearable Health Tech Devices

Emerging technology dances the line between consumer health data and PHI. Sharing data with a HIPAA-defined Covered Entity (such as a doctor) makes the data PHI and it needs to be protected at HIPAA-security levels.

Why people like TrueVault

"Becoming HIPAA compliant as an early stage organization was a daunting task, until we found TrueVault. Their turn-key API has allowed us to check this box and get back to focusing on our core product and offering." — Edith Elliot, Noora Health

Try TrueVault for free

TrueVault offers a 14-day free trial that you can use to become familiar with our services and support. Once an account has been activated, you will have the option to execute a Business Associate Agreement with us. See our pricing page for more information.

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