Data Warehouse Pseudonymization & Tokenization

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Meet GDPR and HIPAA requirements without rebuilding your data pipeline

TrueVault STS automatically extracts and stores any sensitive data in your data stream. Just add it as a step in your data pipeline to stop importing risks and liabilities into your data warehouse.

Automatic Pseudonymization

Meet GDPR and HIPAA requirements without rebuilding your data pipeline. TrueVault STS will automatically filter and pseudonymize any personal data in your data stream. Minimize your organization’s security and compliance risks by keeping personal data out of your hands.

“Right to Erasure” Simplified

Use TrueVault to store your customers' personal data centrally and securely, so individuals can easily be completely "forgotten" on request. Since personal data never flows into your organization, there are no silos of personal data to worry about in the future.

Identity Normalization

Different instances of the same individual appearing in different data streams are automatically matched up based on your organization’s unique rules and preferences. The same individual ID will be passed down the data stream to improve analytic precision.

Uncompromised Security

STS stores all tokenized data in our HIPAA and GDPR compliant SecureVault which means audit logging, encrypted storage, and Identity & Access Management come standard.

Always Accessible

Tokenized data is accessible via our REST API and SDKs. So whether you need to re-identify your data or make them available via mobile or web applications, they are always available.

Ultimate Flexibility

STS works with both on-prem and cloud pipelines and supports both custom and standard endpoints such as FTP, AWS S3, Box, and OneDrive. File formats supported include JSON, XML, and CSV.