TrueVault for CCPA

Map personal data across systems

Focus On Growth

TrueVault simplifies personal data management so you can think about growth instead of thinking about compliance.

Automate Organizational Requirements

Automate the complex components of data protection so your business can comply with the CCPA.

DPOs Sleep Easy

DPOs can have peace of mind knowing their company is complying with data protection laws, and that you can prove it.

Record Keeping

CCPA requires that businesses carefully record all data processing activities. Our tools help your business inventory data across systems, fulfill DSARs, or generate a report of processing activities.

Data Subject Request

Consumers may request a complete record of personal data collected by your business, and you must provide it. Our enhanced request handling module makes fulfilling these requests quickly and according to CCPA requirements.

Data Minimization

Your company must keep data processing to a minimum. Reduce your data from the excessive to the essential with tools like data tokenization, offsite storage and personal data discovery.

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