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We Work Alongside You

One of our Data Compliance experts will help guide you to full CCPA Compliance from start to finish. We’ll manage the project, lay out milestones, and work closely with you every step along the way.

Security by design

We Save You Time

We’re experts at helping businesses become CCPA compliant. We carefully tracked what tasks took the longest time and automated those activities.

Security by design

We Adapt To Your Business

If you work in a specialized industry, we’ll take the time to make sure we adapt our approach to the nuances of your business. We are well-versed in most industry-specific data privacy laws along with GDPR and other US state laws.

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Privacy Assessment

We’ll look at 100+ points of compliance in your organization, and build you a manageable, custom roadmap to compliance.

We have up-to-date, detailed requirements from both CCPA and the related regulations for enforcement. In our experience, most businesses collect data in ways they don’t even realize. We’ll identify what you’re already doing right and help you uncover easy-to-miss areas.

Data Mapping

We have read through, assessed, and mapped out the privacy policies and data practices of hundreds of frequently used business services.

Use our services catalog for fast, accurate, up-to-date information on the services that handle your business’ personal data. You don’t have to spend hours reading privacy policies because we already did it for you.

Privacy Center

We combine our deep industry experience with software to generate and maintain an easy-to-understand privacy policy.

We will make sure your privacy policy meets all CCPA requirements and regulations, including ADA compliance. Additionally, we provide at least three ways for consumers to make CCPA requests.

Request Tracking

Our request tracking tool helps you honor CCPA requests quickly and accurately.

Our software ensures you follow CCPA regulations around verification, acknowledgement, and completion. It is tightly integrated with your Data Map to ensure your request fulfillment process is a breeze for everyone involved.

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