CCPA Resources Center

What to Do if You Receive a CCPA Cure Notice?

Is a Privacy Policy Enough to Be CCPA Compliant?

Is "Sharing" the Same as Selling Under the CCPA?

Service Providers vs. Contractors Under the CCPA

The California Privacy Protection Agency

How Does the CPRA’s Look-Back Provision Work

What Is “Publicly Available Information” Under the CCPA?

CCPA Exemptions: HIPAA, GLBA, and FCRA

How to Verify a CCPA Consumer Request

Can I Delay CCPA Compliance?

How to Track and Manage Advertising Opt-Outs

How to Calculate the CCPA’s 50 Percent of Revenue Threshold

How to Calculate the CCPA’s 50,000 Consumers Threshold

How to Use Facebook Ads and Still Be CCPA Compliant

Categories of Third Parties

How Much Do CCPA Violations Cost?

Does the CCPA Have a Private Right of Action?

What is Personal Information?

What is a Service Provider?

When CCPA Doesn't Apply

Who Has Rights Under the CCPA?

Does CCPA Apply to Government Agencies?

Does CCPA Apply to Nonprofits?

What is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

Where Does the CCPA Apply?

CCPA Requirements: A Quick Summary

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